Friday, April 27, 2012

Cutting The Cord

    When I saw my bill from my cable provider I heard a huge sucking sound of my money leaving my purse! The bill was $160! This included telephone, internet, and TV. I sat down and performed a cost analysis of what I was spending for these services. 
  • I was paying for a landline and cell phone which is a redundancy of services. 
  • Most of my calls were made a received via cell phone. 
  • I would page through the 200 plus channels on the cable DVR receiver and could find nothing of interest to watch.
  • I was paying $20 a month to rent a DVR for 3 years! 
Just Do It!
    I immediately contacted my cable provider and had my TV and phone services discontinued and kept the high speed internet service for $58 a month. I purchased a set of " rabbit ears", with an rf amplifier  and attached it to my lcd TV to receive local stations (this only works if you live in a metropolitan area) I purchased a Roku Digital streaming device for my TV that will connect to my wireless router. The Roku device let's me view Netflix, Hulu Plus on my Tv for $15 a month!  I don't need a  $20 a month rental DVR anymore because Roku provides on demand programming.

I resolved the dilemma of getting spotty cell phone service in my house by leaving my cell phone at a location in the house where signal was at an optimum; which is in my master bedroom upstairs. I purchased a device called X-link which connects to my cell phone via bluetooth and connects to my landlane phones through the wall phone outlet enabling me to answer my cell phone using my land line phones located throughout my home. The X -Link device can support up to 3 cell phones. Don't get turned off by the price of the X-link  because you will get money back by not having to pay for land line service!

Watch the You Tube Video to see how easy it is to connect the XLink system.

Pros of cutting the cord:
  • Saved an average of 47% a year on my cable and phone bill combined. 
  • With Netflix and Hulu Plus I get to watch exactly what I want; not just what's on TV at the time
  • I don't need a DVR because all the programs are  "on demand". 
  • Great system for those with 1-3 living in the household
  • Bring  families together to watch TV together in one location 
  • The cost savings for is really greater than 47% because I have access to thousands of streaming movies and TV programs at no additional costs!
  • If you purchase a lot of products online at,  you can get a Amazon Prime Membership and get free shipping and streaming video all in one package for $79 per year! FYI: Amazon Prime is also available on the Roku wireless streaming device! 
  • The Roku and X-Link device are user friendly to those who may feel they are technically challenged! :)
Cons of cutting the cord:
  • Having more than 2 people in a household with different taste in TV programing
  • Rabbit ears may not provide clear reception therefore a rooftop antenna may be required

     More information on "cutting the cord" from the Wall Street Journal.

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